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AJ TIP – Sol Arcade Den and Mystical Armor

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There are some tremendous items introduced in the diamond shop this week, Mystical Armor and the Sol Arcade Den.

First we have the Mystical Armor set that can be acquired individually, including an amulet, helmet, tail armor, gauntlets, and body armor. All feature an aura of magic that sparkles and shines to protect you when wearing.

The Sol Arcade Den is an awesome addition for video game enthusiasts! You can customize this den with your favorite Jamaa mini-games. Perfect for hosting tournaments with all of your buddies!!

Jammer Snaps – Jamaa Mysteries

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The world of Jamaa abounds with MYSTERY and there is always something NEW TO DISCOVER. We’ve given you some clues above for just a couple of the known mysteries. We ask that you send us some of your favorite mysteries for this week’s JAMMER SNAP assignment.

Have you found any MYSTERIES on your own?

AJ Academy – Marshmallow Molecule

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Have you ever wondered what a molecule is or what they look like? Molecules are made of two or more atoms that got stuck together. Molecules are the building blocks of everything around us. Including you! You can make an edible model with marshmallows and toothpicks. Download the info from ANIMAL JAM ACADEMY and ask your parents for help.