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Maybe you’ve been looking forward to the icy Snow Fort or the epic Princess Castle? Whatever den you want is now available for HALF off the original cost. That’s right, ALL available dens for the next two weeks will be HALF price! Get over to the Den Shop for some great deals!


Cosmo’s Den

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You were awed when you found it while taking part in ADVENTURES and your bravery has paid off! Introducing the new Cosmo’s Den! You can get your very own den designed by Cosmo himself!

If you remember, Cosmo’s Den is built within the trunk of a tree and is full of the plants he grew himself. How will you decorate YOUR Cosmo Den, Jammer?

Head on over to the Diamond Shop to get Cosmo’s Den today!

AJ Jump

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The wait is over! Animal Jam is leaping into your hands with AJ Jump!

Using your Apple iOS or Android device, you can adopt a playful kangaroo and jump through canyons, cliffs and clouds to reach the moon!  Earn Gems for your Animal Jam account, and unlock an exclusive pet — even if you don’t have an Animal Jam Membership!

Depending on your device, head over to the Google Play store, the Kindle Fire app store, or the Apple App Store to download the latest mobile game from Animal Jam HQ.  You’ll soon be leaping to new heights and new lands, and best of all, winning cool stuff!

Did you know that you can compare your AJ Jump scores with everyone on your Buddy List, and see the best jumpers in all of Jamaa on the leaderboard?  There’s even a bonus AJ Academy ebook included in the app, full of fun facts, photos and video about kangaroos!

We can’t wait to hear how our Jammers love our new app featuring Jamaa’s kangaroos. How high can you jump, Jammer?