Changing Colors

Category: Jammer Tips

You can change the colors, clothes, and patterns of your animal at any time by clicking on your animal’s picture at the bottom left corner of your screen. You’ll be able to see all of your animal’s fabulous clothing and accessory items! When you click on an item of clothing, it will appear on your animal.

On the right side where it says colors, you’ll see tabs that you can click on to change your animal’s color, eyes, and pattern.

Only members can change the colors of accessories and den items. If you’re a Club member, when you’re shopping for clothes or den items and you click on something you really like, sometimes you’ll see a color wheel at the bottom right corner of the item preview window:

You can use this color wheel to check out different colors for each item! Be sure to choose your favorite color before you buy that item, because once you buy it, you can’t change the color. And remember to check our stores often, because AJHQ is always adding and removing items from all the shops around Jamaa!