Conservation Museum

Category: Conservation

The Conservation Museum is one of Jamaa’s best kept secrets! It’s a place to learn, play, do activities, and donate gems to make a difference. Have you identified the current theme of the museum?

Try clicking on the various pictures and statues, you will see they are full of interesting facts. For example, did you know that Peregrine falcons hunt by flying high in the air and then diving at up to 200 miles per hour towards their prey? Or that ostriches can run up to 45 mph and cheetahs up to 70 mph?

Have you guessed it yet? That’s right, the current theme of the museum is Speed in Nature!

Head to Appondale and visit the museum to donate gems to a good cause. Feeling artsy? Click on the table in the middle of the museum for the Print and Play activities where you can print out stencils of animals with lots of cool facts. After you print it out, try coloring it in and putting it on your refrigerator for all to see.

Animal speed isn’t the only thing the Conservation Museum teaches. The museum also features epic facts about tornadoes, lightning bolts, and tsunamis.

So why not see how fast your animal can go? Head over to Appondale and visit the Conservation Museum in record time!

Have fun!