Den Settings

Category: Dens, Jammer Tips

Locking Your Den

Did you know there is a way to make sure only your buddies can enter your den? When you are in Jamaa, click on the settings button:

Your My Settings box will pop up:

To lock your den, click on the padlock icon:

The blue button will slide to the left and let you know your den is locked. Click the padlock again when you want to unlock your den.

You can also use the lock feature from inside your den by clicking the Edit Den button:

When the editing options pop up, you’ll see a big padlock at the top of your screen. Simply click it to lock or unlock your den.

Den Music

When in your den, click the Edit Den button, and you will see a speaker and music note icon on the top of your screen:

This will show you all of the songs you currently have to choose from. You can also purchase cool songs by clicking on the button that says Shop.

When in the shop, click a particular song to listen to it before you decide to buy. If you need to make room for new songs, simply click the recycle icon.

You can also purchase special songs at various parties that can’t be found anywhere else! And remember, den music is currently only available for Jammers with Club memberships.