Epic Dens

Category: Jammer Tips

Is your den totally epic? If so, we’d love to showcase it on our Epic Dens list! You can access the Epic Dens list by clicking on the Jamaa Map located at the bottom corner of your screen:

Then, click on the Epic Dens button:

Click on a player from the list to visit that Jammer’s epic den.

We are always looking for unique and creative dens! We like to congratulate those Jammers who have spent a lot of time and effort decorating and personalizing their den by showcasing them on the Epic Dens list. We also look for dens that lots of Jammers like to hang out in. So, if your friends haven’t visited your den in a while, it’s the perfect excuse to get a party started!

If your den doesn’t make it to the Epic Dens list right away, don’t worry! We update the list several times per day in order to feature as many of our millions of Jammers as possible. With a bit of patience, and some help from your Jammer buddies, who knows, maybe you will end up on our Epic Dens list! But please be aware that locked dens cannot be selected as Epic Dens.