Games In Jamaa

Category: Games, Jammer Tips

Whether you’re looking to earn some gems, challenge a buddy, or just want to have some fun, the numerous games found throughout Jamaa are your answer!

You can look for game controller icons scattered throughout the world, or simply head to Sol Arcade in Jamaa Township to find all of the games in one place.

But don’t stop there, Jammers! Be sure to explore all of Jamaa to find even more awesome games you can play with your buddies and pets. Buddy games and pet games cannot be found in Sol Arcade, so you’ll have to prove your incredible adventuring skills to find them. There are over 40 games in Jamaa to master, so you’ll never be bored.

Also, be sure to look out for the banner that says Gems x2 to find our current double gems game, where you can earn double the gems than usual! We’re always switching it around, so check back often.

If you want to play a one-on-one game against one of your buddies, just click on the Jammer’s name tag to open their player card. Then, click on the game icon. You’ll be able to choose from six fun games to play: Scooped, Marbles, Shell Game, Rock Paper Scissors, Tic Tac Toe, and Four Gem. You can play these games as much as you want, so go and have some fun with your buddies!

If, for any reason, you don’t want to receive game-invite requests, you can turn that option off through My Settings.