Gems And How To Earn Them

Category: Jammer Tips

Gems are the currency in Animal Jam. You can use gems to buy clothing, furniture, and accessories in all of the fabulous stores throughout Jamaa. Move your mouse over the colorful stack of gems at the top of your screen to find out how many gems you have:

Do you need more gems? There are lots of great ways to earn gems in Jamaa!

First, there’s the Daily Gem Bonus. Did you know that you can earn gems just for logging in? If you log in every day, you might be lucky enough to earn double or even triple gems.

There are also lots of great games in Jamaa, and you can earn gems just for playing! To play games, all you have to do is find one of the dozens of game icons located around Jamaa. Click this icon and a small game introduction screen will pop-up. Click on the Rules button to find out how to play the game, or you can simply click on the green Play button to start playing right away.

Be sure to look out for the banner that says Gems x2 to find our current double gems game, where you can earn twice as many gems as usual! Another super fun way to earn gems is to play a game with your favorite buddy! To play games with buddies, click on another Jammer’s animal name to see their player card. Then, click the Games tab, located on the left side of their player card.

You can also recycle any unwanted clothing, accessories, or den items for gems. Just be sure you don’t want those items anymore! If you recycle something that’s not currently available in the shops around Jamaa, you might not be able to get it back. To learn more about recycling your unwanted items, click here.

If you’re lucky enough to find an Animal Jam code, you can enter it when you log in, and you just might get tons of gems! In addition, exclusive, downloadable Gem Gift Certificates are now available exclusively through Animal Jam Outfitters! Please keep in mind that gems cannot be transferred or gifted to another account.

Good luck, Jammers! With some patience and help from your Animal Jam buddies, we’re sure you’ll earn lots of gems in no time!