News Crew Winners- Hopes for the New Year!

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This News Crew assignment was literally full of hope – we asked Jammers to hit to the streets of Jamaa and find out

What are Jammers Hopes for the New Year.

We received TONS of amazing hopes and wishes – here are just a couple that we thought were special.

from Happy Cleverhorse

In the New Year, lots of Jammers make New Year’s Resolutions, which are goals towards the New Year that you want to accomplish! Well, I’ve gathered some of the goals some Jammers have wanted to achieve!

Mighty Rockylion says she wants to get better grades in school, and overall just make more effort on her work.

Arctic Wolf wanted to learn survival skills this year, such as making a fire and building a shelter!

Lucky Peachyjammer wanted to take art lessons and learn to draw and paint!

Captain Berryfoot said he wanted to be more generous this year by doing random acts of kindness.

Master Roundpenguin wanted to learn how to skate!

Sparkle Magicspirit loves swimming, so she wants to win a championship in a swimming club in 2014!

These are just a few examples, but I’m certain that a ton of Jammers out there have plenty New Year’s resolutions too!

from Sparkle Frozensun

With the new year fast approaching, jammers are getting their hopes and resolutions sorted for 2014. That’s why i went out to interview my friends.

We gatherd at my den and I asked the question “what are your hopes for the new¬† year?”

Jumping Majorninja was the first to answer with “to be better at reading.”

Shortly after Incredible Quietjunior replied with “to get an animal jam membership.”

Later, when i was down at crystal sands, i bumped into an old friend, artic wolf. His new years hopes are to be “a better athlete.”

My new years hopes are to get my den on the epic dens list. what are your new years hopes? whatever they are, remember to keep on jamming!