How To Report A Jam-A-Gram

Category: Jammer Tips

We take the safety and security of all of our Jammers very seriously.  We are happy to let you know that we have highly trained moderators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor all activities in Jamaa. If we find any Jammers breaking the Animal Jam Rules, we will be take swift and appropriate action on their account.

But you can help too!  When someone sends a Jam-A-Gram that breaks the Animal Jam Rules, please feel free to let us know by reporting them. Click the button that looks like a police badge on the right side of the Jam-A-Gram.

After that, just follow the instructions that pop up to submit the report. You can also find the report button by clicking on the sender’s Player Card at the bottom of the Jam-A-Gram.

If you have reported this player and they continue to send Jam-A-Grams that break the Animal Jam rules, did you know there’s a tool you can use so you never receive Jam-A-Grams from that player again? To use this tool, simply click on their Player Card (at the bottom of the message), then click this button:

By doing so, you will no longer see this player’s Jam-A-Grams, and you can enjoy the rest of your time in Jamaa.

For a more detailed description on how to report and block a player, click here.

We realize receiving Jam-A-Grams that break the Animal Jam Rules can be alarming. If you would like us to personally look into an incident, please write to us at with the following details, and we’ll be sure to investigate the incident right away:

  • Username of player that sent the Jam-A-Gram
  • Username of player that received the Jam-A-Gram
  • Parent email of player that received the Jam-A-Gram
  • A description of the incident

Now go play wild, Jammer!