Inventory Slots and Recycling

Category: Jammer Tips

Each player account has a certain number of accessory and den item inventory slots. Additionally, land and ocean items are divided into two separate inventories.

Non-Member Inventories
100 land clothing/accessory slots
200 land den slots
100 ocean clothing/accessory slots
*Ocean dens are unavailable*

Member Inventories
PLUS 100 extra land clothing/accessory slots
PLUS 100 extra land den slots
PLUS 100 extra ocean clothing/accessory slots
PLUS 300 ocean den slots
This means that Members can store up to 600 additional items! You can find more information on memberships here.

If you need to make room for more den items or accessories, look for our handy recycling machines in shops throughout Jamaa:

  • Scroll through to find the item you want to recycle, then click on it. Items shown in yellow are items that are in-use in your den.
  • A pop-up window will ask “Are you sure?” and tell you how many gems you will receive for recycling your item.
  • Click OK. The item will be removed from your inventory list and gems will be added to your total.

    OR, you can also access the recycling machine while editing your den or from your clothing inventory. Simply click the recycle icon.

    Once an item is recycled you cannot get it back except by purchasing it again, so make sure you really want to get rid of your items before you click OK!

    Remember, you can also get rid of items you don’t want by trading with other players. This can be a great opportunity to make new friends and access items that are no longer for sale in the shops!