Item Safety

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Safe Items

Many Jammers take pride in the awesome items that they have, but not all Jammers know that there are a few easy steps they can take to help keep their items safe!

Only trade an item if you are sure you want to get rid of it. Remember: you can always say no to a trade! If you have an item you love and would never give away, don’t put it on your trading list.

Never use the gifting system to trade. Just because someone says they will gift something back doesn’t mean they always will! Using the trading system to trade is the only way to make sure you’ll get an item in return.

Be aware of someone who is promising you a code in exchange for an item. This is unsafe and could mean you are being scammed. Most of the Animal Jam codes that can be redeemed for gems or items can be found on National Geographic Kids website, by reading the Jamaa Journal, or by visiting the Daily Explorer. If a Jammer promises you a code for diamonds or an animal, don’t trust them. These codes are unique and only come with the purchase of gift cards and gift certificates.

If someone tries to scare you into giving away your items, report them and walk away! Those are your items and nobody should make you feel bad about keeping them. If they won’t stop bugging you, you can block them. This way, you won’t be able to see anything they say and you can enjoy the rest of your time in Jamaa. For more information on reporting and blocking a player, click here.

Remember these tips and you’ll be able to keep your hard-earned items safe and sound!