JAMMER ART – Bunnies!

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Congratulations to Prince Toughclaw, Precious Fastcheetah, Jumping Happyfox, Empress Magicstar, and Miss Arcticwolf!! They all receive Artist Plaques for their dens.

Did you know that a female rabbit is called a doe and male is a buck? What other animals are called does and bucks? Something even more fun to know is a young rabbit is called a kit or kitten. And of course we know that a baby rabbit is called a bunny!

Rabbits can be trained to live indoors and are said to have the disposition and behaviors of a cat. The rabbit is the 3rd most popular pet in the UK, and it’s estimated that as many a 2 million rabbits are kept as pets in the US.

More than half of the world’s rabbits live in North America and can live up to ten years.

Do you have a rabbit in Jamaa?