Jammer Art – Friends

Category: Awesome Jammer Art, Celebrations

The month of February is the Friendship Festival in Jamaa.  What better way to celebrate your buddies than by drawing them? Here are some of our favorite works of art featuring Jammers and their buddies. And it goes to show that sometimes, even Phantoms need buddies.

chewypie_Wretched_Scaryhero_0 fuzzygirl33_Snickety_Majorclaw_0 kaley1113_Little_Icyfriend_0 royalrichgirl_Princess_Prettywolf_0 savannahbird_Fauna_Thewolf_0


Thanks to Wretched Scaryhero, Snickety Major Claw, Little Icyfriend, Princess Prettywolf, Fauna Thewolf, and Precious Shiverdeer for sending in art of their friends. Happy Friendship Festival!!