Jammer Snaps Winner & News Crew

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Today at Animal Jam HQ we are thankful for many things. We are especially thankful for all the Jammers who submit  to the newly created Jammer Snaps.

Our winners this week are Blossom Wingedbuddy, Princess Berryfly, Explorer Cottonmoon, Sparkle Speedycheetah, and Duchess Vonilily!WolfJulia_Blossom_Wingedbuddy_9 1lady1bug1girl_Princess_Berryfly_2 critter131_Explorer_Cottonmoon_3 jill127_Sparkle_Speedycheetah_1 wolffeycat_Duchess_Vonilily_10


Guess what else we are thankful for? You guessed it – the upcoming Jamaalidays!

We’re so thankful we want to include it in the LATEST News Crew topic! So, Jammers, interview your friends to find out what they would most like to see as a Jamaaliday gift this year in Animal Jam.

News Crew entries are due by Sunday, Dec. 8. Submit your entries through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township, and remember to follow the News Crew Submission Rules: any article that is inappropriate, is over 250 words long, or doesn’t have a screenshot cannot be considered for the News Crew.

Happy reporting, Jammers!