Jammer Snaps Winners

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123lovebrownies_Blossom_Arcticwolf_129 activepet121_Precious_Snowyflower_123 faith28358_Happy_Prettyjoy_73 Olga21820_Arctic_Wolf_50 onyxthepixiefairygal_Major_Majormajor_57 pawesomegirl_Little_Shyivy_82 snowflakemagicwolf

AJHQ  loves seeing Jammer participation in Jamaa’s many contests and adventures! Today we want to recognize the winners of our previous Jammer Snaps contest.

Jammer Snaps’ Winners include: Blossom Arcticwolf, Precious Snowyflower, Happy Prettyjoy, Arctic Wolf, Major Majormajor, Little Shyivy, and Snowflake Magicwolf

Last week we asked Jammers to take snapshots of their Jamaaliday Themed Dens. Jammers responded by sending in tons of epic snaps. It was hard to choose from the many submissions, but we were finally able to choose a few amazing screenshots. Thanks again for all the entries!