Journey Book

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Are you in the mood for a little exploring? You’re in luck! See the book that says AJ on the top of your screen? That is your very own Journey Book!

Click on the icon and your book will open up before your eyes. You’ll notice many outlines of different creatures and a present on each page.

Each land in Jamaa is home to animals and plants that thrive in that lands particular climate. Can you see them growing, or roaming around? Be sure to keep a lookout for creatures or plants that look like the outlines in your book. When you see one, click on it, and you’ll learn an awesome fact about the species. Then click “add to Journey Book,” and a sticker of that creature will be added to your book!

You’ll find some of these amazing animals swimming around, hanging out on rocks, or among the coral. You’ll also be able to find creatures bounding around the permafrost or though the trees. You can also add to your Journey Book when attending certain parties. Once you have a plant or animal in your book, you can look at their fact anytime you want. Simply open your Journey Book and click on the creature you’d like to learn about.

Once you’ve found all the entries on a particular page, you’ll be able to click on the present, which will reward you with an awesome rare prize!

Here are some helpful tips for filling out your Journey Book:

  • If you don’t see a plant or animal from your Journey Book right away, we suggest you keep looking, as some of the creatures like to roam around the land. Don’t worry, they always come back, so keep your eyes peeled for fast moving creatures, or plant life that blends in.
  • Like every explorer before you has learned, the best thing to do is to be patient. Look very hard, and continue to travel throughout the land. You never know what will show up out of the blue, so be quick to identify the creature, as some are known to move very fast.
  • You can ask fellow Jammers if they’ve seen what you are looking for; there are lots of nice Jammers out there who are happy to help others!
    The Journey Book is a fun way to learn about new animals, plants, and different ecosystems and environments, and it’s also a great way to earn cool gifts for your hard work! Good luck exploring, Jammer!