Monkeys Have Returned

Category: Animals, Conservation, Parties


We did it! Thanks to thousands and thousands of Jammers, we reached our goal of donating 100 million gems to help endangered animals! You Jammers are amazing, and to celebrate that, we have some amazing news: monkeys have returned to Jamaa!

These funny and mysterious creatures are very happy to be back in Jamaa, which is why both Club members and non-members can join in the fun. That’s right: every Jammer can become a monkey!

You can become your favorite monkey and head over to the all-new Monkeys Only Party, the best way to celebrate everyone’s favorite primates! At the party, you can monkey around with your favorite buddies, and you can even find exclusive monkey-themed den items!

We couldn’t have done it without all your help, Jammers. Remember that every Jammer is important, and you can make a difference!