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Jammers sent in so many great entries to the last News Crew assignment that we couldn’t choose just one winner! The winning articles were sent in by Little Bravegirl, Happy Shybrave, Expert Rockymoon, Arctic Wolf, and Rosy Rockypenguin! Read their articles below, and check back soon for the next News Crew Assignment!

Adventures are the newest addition to the world of Jamaa. They are great ways to spend time with your buddies and get to know new friends. Each adventure is filled with fun experiences and hidden secrets!

In each adventure, you will find hidden treasures and secret passage ways! If you want to know what is inside these chests and secret rooms, why not find out for yourselves!

I have asked some fellow jammers what they think about the new adventures. My good buddy Major Frillymoon replied “The adventures are really fun. They help teach you leadership and teamwork. The prizes are spectacular and the best part is, it’s now available for all jammers!” Major, you took the words right out of my mouth!

Lucky Strongninja said “The adventures are tons of fun! I love to help Liza seal off the portal and every now and then I get to level up. I can’t wait to see what new adventures await us!” Well Lucky, I’m sure you’re not the only one who can’t wait!

My thoughts, about these new and exciting adventures, are that they are a great addition to Animal Jam. The scenery is amazing and I always enjoy joining my buddies on these new adventures. Each prize won from the adventures makes a perfect addition to somebody’s den. Now that the adventures are open to everyone, these adventures have just become even cooler!

Keep exploring and I hope to join you on the next adventure!

-Little Bravegirl

Throughout Jamaa, many Jammers have been excited for a new experience. Not just any experience however, this is something much more grandeur, it’s a chance Jammers finally receive to battle the vicious phantoms and help save Jamaa from their wrath. Yes, I am talking about Jamaa’s all new adventures.

Located in an old abandoned building in the Lost Temple of Zios, Jammers can enter in and train. Once Jammers prepare themselves, they can go on two adventures currently; Bunny Burrow, where they must help save the bunnies from the phantoms and The Phantom Portal, where Jammers must seal off the phantom portal so no more phantoms can get through and terrorize other Jammers.

Speaking with a fellow Jammer, Explorer Bravehero, he has stated the reason he fancies the new adventures are because of all the neat Jammers he gets to meet and befriend on his journey to save Jamaa, along with all the cool prizes to receive. For example, he stated he really enjoys receiving the “Bunny Gate”, “Phantom Pipe”, “Stone Circle”, “Wheelbarrel full of Carrots”, along with all the BETA flowers and wells!

Another Jammer, Arctic Wolf, has said the reason he enjoys the new adventures is because he gets to aid his fellow monkey friends and go through mazes at the end near the Phantom Portal!

Overall, these new adventures seem to be quite a hit amongst the Jammers in Jamaa, so what are you waiting for? Head down to the Lost Temple of Zios, and save Jamaa!

-Happy Shybrave

Have you ever wanted to help the Alphas and save Jamaa? Have you ever wanted to defeat those pesky phantoms? The Adventures have begun in Jamaa where all the jammers can now have the experience of helping the Alphas and saving Jamaa by defeating the pesky phantoms.

In adventures, jammers use chomper plants created by Cosmo the Koala Alpha to destroy the phantoms. Jammers can play alone or help other jammers get through the adventure. When a player defeats a phantom or helps complete an objective, they earn “courage” which helps players level up and advance to a different adventure.

Most jammers seem to like the adventures. The camp is usually crowded with eager jammers ready to adventure!

According to my buddy, they enjoy to have fun in the adventures and getting treasures in the end. They love beating the phantoms and always has confidence in beating them also.

A jammer I met at my den mentions that they loves the new adventures and can easily earn gems. They like the fact of battling the evil phantoms. They remember that when they were once left alone, they used confidence and hard work and defeated the phantoms and completed the adventure!

A jammer at another’s party says that they think the adventures are cool and fun, especially since battling is very exciting. They remember through their experiences helping other jammers out and helping them trap the phantoms.

Why don’t you start helping the Alphas. Go on an adventure now!

-Expert Rockymoon

Jammers everywhere love the new phantom adventures! Anyone can do these adventures found on the party list or in the Lost Temple of Zios. I interviewed a few jammers about these exciting new adventures and here’s what they said.

Enchanted Snowyspirit, a level 4 fox exclaimed, “I love the game Adventures! You can fight phantoms and get gifts!” That’s right! You can catch those pesky phantoms, and as a reward for completing the adventure, you get an awesome prize!

While a raccoon named Laughing Magicrose and I were on an adventure, she told me a secret. She whispered, “Did you know that gloves help break the phantom web more?” She then demonstrated with her green glove. Pow! Also a nice fox informed me about a secret passage that foxes only could open on level 2 to get prizes, just like the secret arctic wolf passage that arctic wolves could only open on level 1! Awesome! I want to try that!

Magical, a level 2 penguin said, “I love playing with my buddies while getting lots of gems!” I totally agree. You can play solo or with up to 3 other buddies. Also, you can get gems by finding the hidden treasure chests or catching the phantoms!

So what are you waiting for? There are buddies to play with, phantoms to be caught, and prizes to be earned in these fantastic adventures!

-Arctic Wolf

Adventures arrived a month ago; everyone in Jamaa wanted to try them out! After members tested them, adventures became available for all! When I first entered the portal, I was so excited – from what my member buddies told me, I knew it was going to be fun. I wasn’t disappointed!

I was even more delighted when I received a prize I’d never seen before – a Bunny Statue! My buddy Bouncing Berrybunny, who was on the adventure too, received a Wheelbarrow. There are multiple prizes to choose from! I asked Bouncing what she thought about the experience. “Really exciting!” she exclaimed. “It was great working together!”

I enjoyed the teamwork too. I went in with three others, one of which was Bouncing, and we all worked together to complete the tasks. It was great developing teamwork and friendship, and I was able to add them to my buddy list by clicking the buddy icon beside the map!

Miss Clevertoes, my companion, shared a secret: “If you search the forest carefully, you’ll find hidden treasure!” Another companion, Professor Majorspirit, said, “I loved searching for items, although those pesky phantoms got in my way sometimes!”

Did you know there’s a secret passage for Arctic Wolves only? I’ve heard that inside you’ll find a treasure chest with cool prizes!

When I asked in Jamaa who wanted to go on an adventure, most of the crowd screamed, “Me!” Adventures are popular, and it’s not hard to see why!

-Rosy Rockypenguin