News Crew Article — Arctic Wolves

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Jammers keep sending in amazing entries for the News Crew Assignments! It was very hard to choose a winner, but the winning entry was sent in by Baroness Spiritwolf! Read Baroness Spiritwolf’s article below, and check back later this week for the next News Crew Assignment!

Arctic wolves are amazing creatures, and now they have to Jamaa through Animal Jam gift cards! Ever wondered where arctic wolves may live, where they den, or what they eat? By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert of these fluffy and white wolves!

Also known as white wolf or polar wolf, arctic wolves live in the Canadian arctic, some parts of Alaska, and northern Greenland. Their scientific name is canis lupus arctos. These wolves also happen to be a subspecies of the gray wolf. They live in packs of 2 to 20, relying on teamwork to hunt.

These wolves can survive in below zero temperatures, darkness for five months every year, and no food for weeks! Isn’t that amazing? They are carnivores, and usually eat caribou and muskoxen, and have about 42 teeth to make the kill. To survive the harsh and remote climate, they eat 20 pounds of meat in one meal. Now I know how they survive through those long weeks!

Polar wolves (my favorite name for them!) usually den in rock outcroppings since the permafrost is too hard to dig through. They usually birth in late May to early June and have 2-3 pups. The only real enemy of these majestic creatures is man, but thanks to where they live, they are the only wolf that is not on the the threatened list!

These new animals are an amazing and very popular choice for the new Animal Jam gift card. Don’t wait; get yours today!

-Baroness Spiritwolf