News Crew Article – Back to School

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Jammers sent in hundreds of amazing entries for the latest News Crew assignment. It was hard choosing a winner, but the winning entry was sent in by Mythical Quietspirit! Read Mythical Quietspirit’s article below, and check back for the next News Crew Assignment!

Mythical Quietspirit

It’s that time of year again!  Summer is ending, and Jammers are heading back to school.  I interviewed some Jammers to see what they thought about the new school year!

What is your favorite thing about starting school?  Baroness Wingedrabbit says she likes seeing all her friends again!  Twinkle Peachygem likes to learn about new things in our world.  “We should never stop learning!” she says.

What is your favorite school subject?  King Smartybunny really likes math.  Sparkle Icyflower says her favorite is science because of all the experiments they get to do!  “Plus, we get to learn about the environment!”

What do you do to prepare for the new school year?  Blooming Tinypenguin reviews things she learned from the last year.  Major Thewolf says that he gets all his school supplies ready.  That way, he’ll have everything he needs for the first day.

There you have it.  These Jammers are ready for a great school year of learning and fun!  Good luck to everyone, and play wild!

- Mythical Quietspirit