News Crew Article — Diamonds

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The latest News Crew assignment was on the new diamonds in Jamaa, and Jammers responded with hundreds of amazing entries. There were so many amazing articles that we couldn’t choose just one winner! The winning articles were sent in by Victory Braveclaw, Countess Icybelle, and Mythical Frozenwolf! Read their articles below, and check back soon for the next News Crew Assignment!

Greetings to all the jammers out there!

It is said diamonds are women’€™s best friend but who guessed that these beauties will be jammers bestfriend! I have seen many jammers collecting these diamonds eagerly but why is this so? What’€™s so special about these shining diamonds? Lets figure this out!

I asked tons of jammers about the new diamond shop which is located in Jamaa. My amazing friend, Victory spiritclaws said, “€œI absolotuely adore the rare items that are at sale in the shop and I am really happy that I got my brand new Elf Tail armor from there!”€ Wow isn’€™t that amazing?

“€œI am very delighted when I get diamonds every week”€ said an Artic wolf which i bumped into in Apondale standing near the petshop she countinued saying, “€œI also bought an Artic wolf pushie from this epic diamond shop.”

My buddy Fuzzy fastfox being more happy than usual said cheerfully “€œI love Animal Jam because of this new shop!”€™ Mighty bravehero added in saying, “€œI am satisfied with the shop because it gives other members a chance to buy some cool and interesting items from the shop.”

Wow no wonder diamonds are Jammers bestfriend. So what are you waiting for? Put your paws on the ground and starting filling your buckets with these chunks of beauties! Ready set GO!

-Victory Braveclaw

When Animal Jam sent diamonds into the game, everyone’s question was the same! What do you think about these diamonds? Our animals speak out with their opinions and we’€™re glad to say, that overall, diamonds were a wonderful addition to this amazing game. In an interview, Baroness Funnypuppy exclaimed that, “€œI think that it’s a great reason to get a membership and support AJ!”€

Another player, a member named Precious Spiritrose, said, “It’€™s cool because I get to buy animals that are not in the regular AJ world, all without a gift card, for only ten diamonds!” Although non-members like Baroness do not receive weekly diamonds, everyone still has a chance in the daily spin! Members can buy super cool items like tail armor, legendary gloves, and the newest addition, pet raccoons! Or, for non-members, diamonds can be exchanged for gems! If you’€™re running low on diamonds, remember that certain gift cards now come with ten of these sparkling diamonds as well as membership. These diamonds are so fantastic, we all wonder if Animal Jam can create anything cool enough to rival them!

-Countess Icybelle

Jammers everywhere are excited for the Diamond Shop’s€™ arrival in Jamaa! Non-members and members both! The Diamond Shop does wonders throughout Jamaa! I asked some jammers hanging out in the shop and this is what they said.

Expert, the bunny, said “€œCool! A fun way for non-members and members to get some gems!”€ He is absolutely right. The Diamond Shop lets you trade in diamond for gems. One diamond already gives you 1,000 gems! Animal jam really captures the rarity of the diamonds.

Snow, The snow leopard, said “It is a fun way for jammers to choose their OWN monthly member gift”€ AJ used to give members gifts every month as a thanks for being a member. Now that there is the Diamond shop, member jammers now have the choice of their own gifts!

Mister, the penguin, said “Awesome! I love the way the store looks! The music in here is cool, too!” I agree with him because the Diamond shop really catches that sense of it being really new but rustic looking! It is really cool how they did that. The music also makes it sound very mysterious yet very catchy.

After interviewing all of those jammers, it really changes my view of the Diamond Shop. Now I see the Diamond Shop as a “€œmagical” store that really amazes me and the rest of the jammers throughout Jamaa.

-Mythical Frozenwolf