News Crew Article — Going Green

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Based on all the amazing articles Jammers sent in, the latest News Crew assignment proved that Jammers really do care about the planet! In fact, there were so many good entries that we couldn’t choose just one winner! Read today’s winning article below, and check back throughout the week to see all the winning entries. And remember to check back soon for the next News Crew Assignment!

Today’s winning article was sent in by Countess Spookypanda!

April 22nd is Earth Day; a special day when people celebrate the green planet they live on. Earth is filled with majestic creatures, from the smallest insect to the mightiest tiger, and amazing plant life as well. We have to work together to protect and keep Earth green and alive, if the creatures€“ and us €“are to survive.

Everything starts small, as a small lion cub grows up to be a powerful lion. Consider the small things you can do to make Earth a better place. You can try recycling paper or plastic instead of discarding them into landfills, growing plants, or not driving in a car.

How do these things make Earth a better place? First off, when you throw things into landfills, they pile up and destroy wildlife. They can also take HUNDREDS OF YEARS to decompose! Secondly, when you breathe out or drive in cars, Carbon Dioxide is released, which in large amounts can be dangerous. The amount of it in the air has been so large that it€’s destroying the environment! But, when you grow a garden or plant, the plant takes in Carbon Dioxide and converts it to clean, breathable, air! In this process the plant makes food for itself, as well as cleaning the air around it.

If you try to help the Earth instead of just sitting by, you can do great things. Go green!

-Countess Spookypanda