News Crew Article — Going Green

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Based on all the amazing articles Jammers sent in, the latest News Crew assignment proved that Jammers really do care about the planet! In fact, there were so many good entries that we couldn’t choose just one winner! Read today’s winning article below, and check back throughout the week to see all the winning entries. And remember to check back soon for the next News Crew Assignment!

Today’s winning article was sent in by Infinity Magichero!

You may have noticed the Earth Day banners around Jamaa giving you helpful tips on how to be green. They’€™re actually quite important to read and understand. My reason for why is because of how important it is to protect Earth the planet WE live on.

Here are just a few ways YOU can make a BIG difference in the world. Some things you can do to go green would be things such as recycling, picking up trash and putting it where it properly belongs, turning off the water when you’€™re brushing your teeth, turning off lights when you don’t NEED them on, and so much more!

“Why is going green so important?” you may ask. Well, the reason going green is so important is that it helps our environment a lot, and here are just a few ways of how it does: it can keep the air we breathe into our lungs safer and cleaner, it can keep our favorite animals from going extinct, and more.

I think you should know this though; going green takes careful steps to complete such as recycling ONLY things that are able to be recycled such as empty plastic water bottles, scrap papers, old boxes or plastic containers, and many more things. These are only some of the things you and your family can do to help the environment this Earth Day, and the next, and the next!

-Infinity Magichero