News Crew Article — Going Green

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Based on all the amazing articles Jammers sent in, the latest News Crew assignment proved that Jammers really do care about the planet! In fact, there were so many good entries that we couldn’t choose just one winner! Read today’s winning article below, and remember to check back soon for the next News Crew Assignment!

Today’s winning article was sent in by Snickety Cutepaw!

Hey, jammers! Are you guys excited for Earth Day!? It’€™s one of my favorite holidays! Everyone can pitch in to help our planet stay healthy and clean.

Some of you may be wondering what “going green”€ means. Going green is when you do something like, recycling or picking up trash, to help the Earth stay clean. The color green symbolizes the color of nature, such as plants and trees.

Having Earth Day is a great idea, it teaches everyone to think about the Earth and keep it clean. There are MANY ways to keeping the Earth clean. For instance using the 3 R’€™s, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Another way to keep Earth clean is by walking instead of driving. Cars give off a gas called carbon dioxide or CO2. CO2 is a harmful gas that hurts the ozone layer. The ozone layer is important for a number of reasons, but primarily because it helps to protect life on earth from damaging ultraviolet radiation. You can also go around picking up trash in the parks and your neighborhood.

You could be thinking, “Why do we have to do all of this?”€ Well, we are hurting the Earth, by littering, throwing everything in sight away, and wasting paper. Earth Day is the day people will stop littering and pick up their mess. When people will think about how much Earth means to them. On Earth Day think of one way you will help Earth. I’m planting a garden with my friends.

-Snickety Cutepaw