News Crew Article — The Summer Carnival

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Jammers sent in dozens of amazing entries for the latest News Crew assignment. It was hard choosing a winner, but the winning entry was sent in by Fauna Theivy! Read Fauna Theivy’s article below, and check back soon for the next News Crew Assignment!

The Summer Carnival is finally back in Jamaa! To celebrate the return of this Animal Jam party, I’ve spoken to many Jammers who came to visit it.

Blossom Fancyraccoon was the first interviewee. “I’ve never been to the Carnival before,” she said. She thought it was awesome though! “Carnival Darts is the best game so far,” she exclaimed. Later, Blossom bought a Bundle of Balloons with the tickets she earned, and showed me what they look like in her den.

I talked with another Jammer who was busy playing Whack-a-Phantom. Their name was Happy Happybuddy. “I’m glad the Summer Carnival came back,” Happy said. “And I think it’s good that you can buy tickets with gems.” Happybuddy seemed very content with the carnival!

Snow Leopard, who was getting cotton candy from the Cotton Candy Machine, shared a secret with me about it. They explained how to get Phantom cotton candy. “First, you put black completely. Then, you put white. And then black again, but make sure that you don’t put all of it!” Yum!

After exploring the Carnival a little more, I came across a very nice Jammer named Commander Strongraccoon. They thought the most interesting part of the Summer Carnival was the coloring and puzzle activities. They’re very convenient for a creative Jammer.

You can have fun by earning tickets, munching on cotton candy, or simply hanging out! That concludes this News Crew article. Jam out!

-Fauna Theivy