News Crew Assignment — Adventures

Category: Adventures, News Crew

Adventures have come to Jamaa, and Jammers have caught Adventure fever!

Your assignment is to prepare a report on Adventures. However, this isn’t just any report: we want you to make sure that your report isn’t simply a step-by-step description on how to get through the Adventures.

Instead, your assignment is to share your thoughts and the thoughts of other Jammers. What do Jammers like about Adventures? Are there any secrets hidden within the different Adventures? Maybe someone has a cool Adventure experience they’d like to share? When you interview other Jammers, what do they think about Adventures?

All News Crew entries are due by Wednesday, July 17th. Submit your entries through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township, and remember to follow the News Crew Submission Rules: any article that is inappropriate, is over 250 words long, or doesn’t have a screenshot cannot be considered for the News Crew.

Now go and have fun reporting!