News Crew Assignment — Diamonds

Category: News Crew

Diamonds have been released in Jamaa, and Jammers all over Jamaa are flocking to the Diamond Shop to pick up rare items and awesome animals. Because so many Jammers are interested in diamonds and the Diamond Shop, the next News Crew assignment is all about diamonds!

Your assignment is to interview different Jammers and find out their thoughts on the new diamonds and the Diamond Shop. What do they think of this new feature? Are they saving their diamonds for any cool pets or animals? What awesome items do they hope show up in the Diamond Shop? What other things are Jammers saying about diamonds?

All News Crew entries are due by Wednesday, June 12th. Submit your entries through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township, and remember to follow the News Crew Submission Rules: any article that is inappropriate, is over 250 words long, or doesn’t have a screenshot cannot be considered for the News Crew.

Now go and have fun reporting!