NEWS CREW – Eagles

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Congratulations to Baroness Rockyfoot! She’s the winner of this week’s NEWS CREW! She’ll receive a plaque for her den AND a CAMERA BADGE for her name tag. Watch this space for the next topic or Jammer Central in Jamaa Township. Excellent reporting Baroness!

Eagles are amazing animals that live around the world. Although you may have seen only a couple species of eagles, there is over 60 species! Did you know eagles are at the top of the food chain?

You can usually recognize an eagle by it’s chiefy additude and big size of wings! Eagles also have very unsual eyes. They are very large in proportion and can see more then 3 basic colors humans can. Eagles can live in many different places like deserts and more!

Some eagles are built with short wings and long tails, enabling them to hunt in the tight confines of the forest. Eagles also tend to be very carnivorous. Did you know eagles like to live on mountains tops and places far away from humans?

The bald eagle is the most commonly found eagle around the americas. Eagles tend to raise their young in nests in large trees near rivers or coasts. Did you know the bald eagles’s diet tends to contain 70-90% of fish? The eagle is a wonderful and amazing addition to the land of Jamaa!

-Baroness Rockyfoot

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