News Crew Submission Rules

Category: News Crew


The Daily Explorer News Crew is a great way for Jammers like you to report on all the fun and cool things that are going on in Jamaa. Below are the rules for all News Crew article submissions:

Appropriate — Thousands of Jammers read the Daily Explorer, so make sure your post is informative, appropriate, and most of all, fun!

Length — Your News Crew article shouldn’t be too long. Make sure it is under 250 words in length.

Screenshot — Photojournalism includes pictures that go along with articles, so be sure to include a screenshot from Animal Jam that fits your article. (To learn how to take a screenshot, click here.)

Submit — Submit your articles through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.

Due Date — When it comes to reporting, deadlines are very important. Be sure your entry is submitted by the due date.

Remember to follow these rules when you are reporting around Jamaa! Good luck, Jammers!