Online Safety Month – Safety On The Go

Category: Safety First

mobile safety

Here are some of our favorite safety tips for when you use a cell phone or a wifi device, at home or on-the-go:

 - Think about who you give your phone number to – you don’t know where it might end up!

- If you receive a mean, annoying, or inappropriate text save it for evidence but don’t reply to it. If you reply you are likely to get yourself into trouble too. Tell an adult you trust or report it to your school or mobile phone operator.

- Before you enter personal details onto a website, check where your information will go by reading the terms and conditions and privacy policy with your parents, and looking at user reviews about the website.

- Be very suspicious if things online appear too good to be true
– they probably are!

- Keep your passwords to yourself

- Respect yourself and others online.

As we celebrate Online Safety Awareness this month, think about other rules you have in your house about how to stay safe online.