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Which was your favorite party from 2014?

Which was your favorite party from 2014?

JAMMER TIP – Beta Party


You’re invited to the BETA PARTY, Jamaa’s oldest NEW PARTY! The Beta Party’s location and ITEMS were only available during Animal Jam’s BETA TESTING period, but now they’re back for everyone to experience! Head to the Beta Party and have a fun BLAST FROM THE PAST!Animal Jam HQ

JAMMER TIP – Freedom Party

You’re invited to the Freedom Party, in honor of Freedom Day in Jamaa!
Located on a beautiful hill in the twilight hours of the day, the Freedom Party is filled with great buddies, cool Freedom items, and an amazing fireworks show!

So sit back, relax, and get ready to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at all the awesome fireworks at the Freedom Party!

Don’t forget to send in your JAMMER SNAPS! Today is the last day for the group shot!
Animal Jam HQ

JAMMER TIP – Cruise Ship Party

It’s time to grab your favorite summer clothes and your sunblock, because you are invited to the Cruise Ship Party!

Held aboard the luxurious A.J.S. Mola Mola, the Cruise Ship Party is the perfect place to have fun in the sun with all your favorite buddies. You can grab a cool smoothie, careen down a waterslide, and even check out the fun ocean animals that stop by to say hello.

Today is also World Oceans Day! Keep reading The Daily Explorer for exciting ocean facts all week from AJHQ!

Find out more about World Oceans Day and what you can do to help here!

Animal Jam HQ

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