Dr. Tierney Thys tells us all about the colorful lionfish in this week’s Creature Feature!

When lionfish are young, they have tentacles above their eyes and under their mouths called wigglers. The lionfish uses these wigglers to attract their prey: it wiggles them to get its prey’s attention, and when its prey swims too close, the lionfish will catch it with a super fast strike!

As they grow and become better hunters, the wigglers slowly disappear.

Lionfish also have an amazing survival skill: they are able to slow down their metabolism when prey is less plentiful. They can slow it so much that they can live without food for more than three months!

RIM – Rare Glove


On this Rare Item Monday we present to you this Rare Glove. And as a special for this item, you may choose the color!

Gloves were first used commonly in ancient Egypt. They were worn by the Pharaohs to show their high position.

In the Middle Ages, it was a custom to eat with special gloves that only covered the fingers. Full gloves were also used by shepherds and peasants for protection when working. There were also leather gloves without fingers used for hunting with a bow and arrow. There were also gloves made of metal rings used for fighting called gauntlets.

JAMMER TIP – Phantom Armor



Have you rescued Greely from the phantoms but still want more adventure? We’ve added a hard mode to THE SEARCH FOR GREELY! We’ve added the exclusive and elusive Phantom Armor pieces as the reward for completing this adventure in hard mode.

The Phantom Armor cannot be bought in any Jamaa store and there is a total of five separate pieces; armor, tail armor, helmet, gauntlets, and amulet.

Can you win them all?