Modern Major Kangaroo

Kimbara Outback is the newest land for exploring in Jamaa!! Create your own kangaroo and discover new friends and adventures. If you play AJ Jump, you can also import your joey as a pet in Jamaa!

Watch this funny video spoof to learn more about kangaroos! What’s your favorite kangaroo fact?


AJHQ&A – Sharks

Swimming Magicpenguin wants to know ‘are tiger sharks in the tiger family?‘ Watch as Tierney Thys let’s us know the scoop!

Did you know that sharks predate the dinosaurs by 200 million years!! The largest known species of shark, C. megalodon, might have reached a maximum length of 67 feet. That’s about the length of four cars if they were lined up bumper to bumper.

The whale shark is the largest species still living. They can get up to 45 feet long and weigh 30 thousand pounds!! That’s about the size of 6 small pickup trucks!

Do you have a shark in Jamaa?



SEAHORSE PETS are now available for ALL JAMMERS!! Head to FLIPPERS ‘N FINS in Crystal Reef to get your own PET SEA HORSE today!

Seahorses are masters of camouflage and can change their color within seconds to match their surroundings. They also have excellent vision, and their eyes can move independently. It seems like they’re more of a sea chameleon than a horse!!

Sea horses mate for life, and it’s the father that carries the eggs. Baby seahorses, called fry, will eat up to 3000 pieces of food a day for the first couple weeks of life.

What’s your favorite thing about seahorses?