The Eagles Have Landed!


Welcome the newest member of the Animal Jam adventure team, THE EAGLE.

The North American Bald Eagle is a bird of prey and sometimes called a Sea Eagle. The Eagle can have a wing span of up to 8 feet. That is probably taller than your dad!

Start a new adventure with an Eagle and let us know what new places you discover.

Jammer Art – Ocean Animals


Did you know that about 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans? That’s a lot of water! This week’s AWESOME JAMMER ART features OCEAN ANIMALS of Jamaa.

Congratulations to Miss Prettyclaws, Swimming Sunnyseal, Twinkle Happyfly, Sleepy Georgeousfoot, and Magical Superviolet. They will all receive the ARTIST PLAQUE from AJHQ.

Creature Feature – Mantids

The Mantid family is often referred to as the Mantis family, which is incorrect. Mantises, praying or otherwise, are actually a small family within the overall Mantid realm that has over 2,400 branches.

Mantids live all over the world and are a friend to the farmer. They eat other bugs that want to eat up the crops before they can be harvested. A formidable foe, the Mantids are masters of camouflage and can grow to a length of ten-inches. Watch the video from Dr. Brady Barr for more info!

Have you found the Praying Mantis that lives in Jamaa?