AJ ACADEMY – Magic Balloon


Looking for more fun Animal Jam activities? Cruise over to Animal Jam Academy and get a parent to help you with this MAGIC BALLOON. This is a good project to try outside now that we’re having warm weather!


AJHQ+A – Butterflies

Frozen Fuzzystar asks Brady Barr ‘why do monarch butterflies migrate?’ in this week’s AJHQ+A.

Do you want to know some more interesting things about butterflies?

Butterflies taste with their feet! Different species tend to lay their eggs on only one type of plant, so it’s important to find the right one. They have tiny spines on the back of their legs called chemoreceptors (key-moe-ree-sep-ters) that can tell the right plant taste!

Butterflies drink from mud puddles. Just like us, they need vitamins and minerals to live healthy lives. Mud puddles are rich in minerals. When a mud puddle is found you can often find a group of butterflies sipping from the same pool. This is called puddling.

JAMMER SNAPS – Eagle Dance Party


Thanks to Darling Prettyflower, Darling Icypride, Prancing Muddygem, Doctor Prettymoon, and Rosy Shybird for sending in their JAMMER SNAPS of them and their buddies having an Eagle Dance Party. It looks like all of you had a ton of fun!

Have you been wanting to submit to the NEWS CREW? Our next topic will be GIRAFFES! As you know giraffes have been traveling for quite some time. Tell us some facts we didn’t know about giraffes and why they should return! Submit through JAMMER CENTRAL by April 20.