JAMMER TIP – April Fool’s Party


Have you been to the April Fools’ Party? This is a special limited-time party where you can explore a kooky castle and buy wacky items to keep yourself looking silly year-round!

What tricks have you been able to discover at the April Fools’ Party?

Don’t forget your JAMMER SNAP’s submissions for your EAGLE dance party are due today.

AJ TIP – Pet Eagles


Have you been wanting another high flying pet to explore Jamaa’s sky-scapes? Hatch yourself a new pet eagle from the Diamond Store.

Eagle parents share parental duties including time on the nest until the eggs hatch. One of the parents is almost always with the nest. The eggs need to be protected from squirrels, other birds, and the weather. Once the eggs hatch, parents will move around the nest with talons in tight balls to keep from giving their eaglets an accidental poke!

The eaglets grow very fast. They gain about a pound a week! Within three weeks they are one foot tall and their beaks and feet are nearly adult sized. They start flying soon after.

AJHQ+A – Okapi

Magical Bravedog asks Brady Barr ‘have you ever seen an okapi?’

The okapi is a very rare animal that lives in the rain forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. They are so rare they weren’t even discovered or named until 1900!! It’s known as the forest or zebra giraffe. In fact, okapi are the only living relative of the giraffe.

Although they’re much smaller than their long necked relatives, they both have a prehensile tongue. This means they can use it to grab stuff like leaves and other edibles. The okapi is also known to eat clay.