Penguin Mania

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Here at AJHQ, we catch Penguin Mania every once in a while. Just take one look at these awesome animals, and how can you resist? We hope you catch Penguin Mania, too, so we want to share a couple of our favorite penguin features with you!

Penguin Wallpaper

First of all, did you know there are tons of FREE downloadables on the Daily Explorer like this cool penguin wallpaper? It makes the perfect computer background so you can take a piece of Animal Jam with you wherever you go!

 Penguin Plush

There are also adorable and cuddly Animal Jam Sidekix® penguin plush on AJ Outfitters. They can be flipped it into a ball, attached to your backpack, or stuck to your locker from the magnets in the front paws. Plus, each Animal Jam Sidekix® plush comes with an exclusive in-game virtual plushie that matches your real life plush!

Penguin Plushie

*A few rare plush will come with a special bonus code that awards 1 week of Animal Jam membership, 1,000 gems, and all eight in-game virtual plushies instead of just one!

We hope we have helped spread Penguin Mania because these are such fun animals!