Pets In Jamaa

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Pet Games

We know it’s fun simply exploring Jamaa with your pet companion, but did you know you can also play games with your some of your pets? All you have to do is search Jamaa for this icon:

You can choose from Disc Toss with your puppy, Ducky Dash and your pet duck, or Sssssnake with your cuddly pet snake. Can you find all three?

Pet Stop

Be sure to show off your pet’s style at the Pet Stop!

Head on over to the Claws ‘N Paws pet shop in Appondale, or Flippers ‘N Fins in Bahari Bay. Choose a pet to bring with you, or you can buy a new pet in the store. When you’re ready, click on the gray game controller icon near the salon chair:

You can also get to the Pet Stop from your player card by clicking this button:


Pet Wash

Visit the Pet Wash in Crystal Sands to get your pet sparkly clean! Head to the top of the rocky path and click the gray game controller icon:

There is also a special Pet Stop with unique items found at the Pets Only Party!

Hover over the cabinets or the treasure chest on the floor to find exclusive items to put on your pet. Once your pet is looking just the way you want, click done. A box will pop up asking if you are sure you want to spend your gems on your pet’s makeover, and once you choose yes, your pet will be ready to show off their new look! Be aware, that you’ll be charged a fee each time you change your pet’s outfit at the Pet Stop.

We hope you have fun keeping your pet on top of all the latest trends, and we can’t wait to see your pet strutting around Jamaa.

Pet Shop

The Pet Shop is where you can buy various things your pet might need. Does your duck need a pond? Does your puppy need a bone? You can find it here. Make your pet’s day by shopping at the Pet Shop. You can find the Pet Shop under your player card by clicking this button:

Once you’ve bought your pet a gift, it will become a den item. Simply place this item in your den for your pet to enjoy.

To place your pet in your den, click on the den button located on the bottom right corner of your den’s screen, near the globe:

Next, look at the left side of the screen. Above your den items there are three tabs. Click on the tab with the butterfly that says Pets:

Your pets will all appear below the tab. From there, simply click on which pets you’d like to live with, and place them wherever you’d like in your den!

Gifting Or Trading Pets

Unfortunately, Jammers aren’t able to trade or gift pets to their buddies at this time.