RIM – Rare Hat and Beard



Today’s RARE ITEM has arrived!!! Grab your RARE HAT AND BEARD before they’re gone…


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The Jamaalidays absolutely rule!!! Did you hear about the NEW ADVENTURE??? Make sure you check out JAMAALIDAY RESCUE! The phantoms have stolen some presents, and it’s up to you to help!!!


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What spectacular Jamaaliday plans do you have???



Greely’s Diamond Challenge!!!



The time has come Jammers!!! Your next DIAMOND CHALLENGE awaits you…


I’ll be giving out 3 DIAMONDS to 5 JAMMERS for accomplishing the following:


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 1. Go to BRADY’S THEATER located in the TEMPLE OF ZIOS


2. Watch any VIDEO inside the theater


3. Comment 1 PAWSOME FACT that you learn from the video, using the comment section below


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As far as my reputation goes, some say I’m the least understood of all the Alphas, and that may be true… But let me make one thing very clear to you Jammers…


I am SO EXCITED to hear what you learn from these amazing videos!!!


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The comments need to be submitted by TODAYDecember 21, at 9 PM MDT!!! Do you have what it takes???




Take care Jammers! Adventure on!



AJ Academy – Snowflake Science!!!



Have you ever wondered why SNOWFLAKES are so majestically beautiful??? How do they form such spectacular shapes and angles? Well Jammers… You’re about to find out.


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winter animated GIF


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1. Water that freezes and then crystallizes in the atmosphere is called snow, and snow is made up of snowflakes.


2. Snowflakes are made up of as many as 100 ice crystals, and each snowflake is completely unique in shape.


3. Snowflakes have been classified into 7 general types.







Capped Column



4. It takes 15 to 45 minutes for a snowflake to form and fall from the sky to the ground.


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Snowflakes are SNOW-tastic and they are what make up SNOW!!! Soft-fluffy-amazing snow!


snow animated GIF


Tell your buddies about what you learned today, and tell them to visit today’s AJ ACADEMY! Jam on!



Animal Jam Gift Cards + Wild Explorers!!!




ANIMAL JAM GIFT CARDS are here, just in time for the Jamaalidays!!!


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The Jamaalidays are full of magic! Have you seen the new WILD EXPLORERS video???


If you missed it, make sure to check it out right here, on the DAILY EXPLORER and in JAMMER CENTRAL! Tell your buddies! Here it is, in case you missed it!



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Jam on Jammers!!! Happy Jamaalidays!