Shopping For Your Den

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Check Out Jam Mart Furniture In Jamaa Township

Remember to check back often as new items are always being added.

Once you’re inside the shop, move your mouse around and click on the highlighted tables to open the item catalog. Club members can click on an item and use the color wheel, located at the bottom right corner of the item’s popup window, to check out different colors for each item:

To learn how to recycle any den items that you’re sure don’t want anymore, click here.

Go Furniture Shopping From Your Den

Once you’re in your den, click on the Edit Den button:

Then, click on the Shop For Your Den button:

If you’re in a land den, the Jam Mart Furniture catalog will pop up, and if you’re in an ocean den, you’ll see the Sunken Treasures catalog.

Visit The Other Shops In Jamaa

You can find mysterious items for your den in Temple of Zios. Whenever you’re in the Chamber of Knowledge, be sure to go all the way upstairs—did you know that there are two flights of stairs?—and you’ll find the Mystery Emporium! If you are a plant lover, don’t forget to stop by Treetop Gardens in Sarepia Forest.

Head to the Conservation Museum in Appondale for unique lawn decor or giant plushies. Visit the Flag Shop in Sarepia Forest to sport your country pride in your den.

To find fun furniture for your ocean den, you’ll have to slip into your fins or flippers and head for the Sunken Treasures shop, located in Kani Cove.

A really fun way to get den items is to trade other Jammers for them. Be sure to learn all about trading here, and try it out for yourself! Sometimes, you can even get rare items that are no longer available at any of the shops around Jamaa!