Where can I buy clothes, accessories, and den items?

Category: Jammer Tips

The ability to customize your animal and den are two things that make Animal Jam fun, exciting, and unique. Here at AJHQ, we’re always adding and removing items from our shops, so be sure to check back often. You just never know what fabulous items you’ll discover next!

And remember, you can always shop and recycle den items from the comfort of your very own den. If you need to recycle clothing items to make room for new things, just go to your clothing inventory list. Learn all about recycling your items here.

We’ve listed all of the locations in Jamaa where you can find cool clothes, accessories, den items, and much more. Can you find all of the shops without this list? Happy exploring!

Jamaa Township
Whether you require hats and bonnets or swords and armor, Jam Mart Clothing will have you looking your very best, because it’s always updated with the latest Jammer fashions.

Jam Mart Furniture ensures you’ll be sitting comfortable with your newest, and most fabulous den items in no time. Full of comfy chairs, den decor, plants, and the latest electronics, It’s located right across the street from Jam Mart Clothing.

Both Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture offer deals on clearance items, and each of them contain recycling bins where you can rid of any unwanted items.

Mt. Shiveer
Don’t get left out in the cold! There are always warm and unique clothing items waiting for you in the Shiveer Shoppe. This shop is in one of the most remote areas of Jamaa, and usually carries items to keep you cozy while you’re exploring Mt. Shiveer.

Lost Temple of Zios
High in the hidden third floor of the the Chamber of Knowledge is a den item boutique specializing in mystery and awe. The Mystery Emporium can surprise, delight, and captivate even the most curious of Jammers.

Bahari Bay
Flip your fins down to Bahari Bargains! Where else can you find looks like like nautilus necklaces, flippers, and sea goggles? For your journey through Jamaa’s oceans, you can be sure you’ll find the best equipment and neat rare finds to outfit yourself with right here! And this shop contains a recycling bin.

Kani Kove
Ahoy there, explorers! Sunken Treasures awaits your discovery! If you’ve been searching the depths for treasures of the sea, look no further! Decorate your ocean dens with fantastical colors, and amazing ocean life. You’ll also find a recycling bin here.

Sarepia Forest
Want to display your colors proudly? Time to scout out the Flag Shop! High above the forest floor, you’ll find a shop displaying flags from nations all over the Earth. And Treetop Gardens is the place to go for all your green needs, from flowers and plants to trees and so much more!

Meander at your own pace through Jamaa’s Conservation Museum, where you’ll learn lots of facts about endangered species, and what you can do to help. After you’ve toured the full video library, feel free to linger by the Museum Den Shop before you leave. The den items offered here are all about animals! They may remind you of your special visit to Animal Jam’s revered Conservation Museum.

Coral Canyons
Epic Wonders is a cave of beauty and mystery. Hidden in Coral Canyons, this special shop awaits those with Club memberships to enjoy its special offerings. Whether you choose to browse or buy, we promise that you will be inspired by your time in Epic Wonders. And be sure to check out the Den Depot if you are you looking for the latest and coolest dens of Jamaa!

There are many ways to enjoy shopping in Jamaa. You can browse through specialty stores, or museum gift shops. Den and clothing stores can inspire new ideas, encourage playful fun, and of course, great interaction with friends. So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see you show off your Jammer’s unique personality!